Who are we?

 At the Urban Rescue Ranch Nonprofit we wear a lot of hats! Like most farm sanctuaries and domestic rescues--we take in animals in need and provide them the love and care they deserve as we find a more suitable home for them. However, what makes us unique is that we are also a prospective wildlife rehab and utilize sustainable farming and homesteading practices to educate and inspire the public (particularly our youth!). Our goal is to show you just how easy animal rescue can be and how it can (and SHOULD) go hand in hand with sustainable farming/homesteading practices. Join us as we create and manage the homestead and all of the animals we have saved and continue to save--including Chickens, Ducks, Rabbits, Piglets, Sheep, Goats, Geese, Pigeons, Turtles, and even "exotic" livestock farmed for meat and hunting such as Ratites (Ostrich, Emu, and Rhea), non-native Deer (Fallow, Axis, and Red Stag), and even Kangaroos! 

Why we do it

There are many domestic animals (pets, livestock, and ferals) that are constantly placed or born into situations where they are underfed, orphaned, abused, injured, exterminated, slaughtered needlessly, and/or otherwise neglected that need our help. Particularly due to factory farming and other unsustainable farming practices--these animals live in and are barely sustained in terrible conditions as they are merely seen as dollar signs by their owners. This is when we, the urban rescue ranch, along with our friends at the humane society--get to step in and be the saviors that these animals need. 

Likewise, there is a myriad of wild animals being orphaned, injured, and subsequently euthanized due to the urbanization and human impact on wildlife in cities—particularly Waco TX (where there are no large rehabs for 100s of miles). It is our duty to care for these animals to repair the damage we have caused and return them back into the wild when no one else cares to do so. We are currently fundraising for a facility to satiate this need as we "check off the legal boxes" and educate our viewers on how THEY CAN DO THIS TOO!

Animals are our mission

Problem: there are a myriad of animals being eaten/neglected/abused and kept in poor conditions in farms throughout Texas and the US. There are also hundreds if not thousands of wildlife animals being injured and euthanized in the space between Austin and Dallas. We are responsible for being good stewards of these animals and should make efforts to protect and provide for them. 

Solution: The Urban Rescue Ranch is a private farm sanctuary/animal rescue (prospective wildlife rehabilitation) operation that--unlike its colleagues--utilizes sustainable farming practices in order to fund the rescue of other animals--particularly neglected and abused livestock (and prospectively injured and orphaned wildlife)

Our Mission: Share God’s beautiful design of animals while promoting, improving, and educating on animal rescue/welfare and sustainable farming/rescue practices. 

3-6 year mission: expand media internationally to reach and do the same for animals and people in underdeveloped nations. 

Our Vision:  We seek to inspire people (especially the youth) to try homesteading and animal rescue and show people both 1. how these practices can go hand-in-hand and 2. that they don't necessarily need to own or rent hundreds, dozens, or even a few acres to do so! (We started with only .1 acres after all!)


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